src/DiffEq/Beta/MassFractionBetaCoeffPolicy.hpp file

Mass-fraction beta SDE coefficients policies.


This file declares coefficients policy classes for the mass-fraction beta SDE, defined in DiffEq/Beta/MassFractionBeta.h.

General requirements on mass-fraction beta SDE coefficients policy classes:

  • Must define a constructor, which is used to initialize the SDE coefficients, b, S, kappa, rho2, and r. Required signature:

      tk::ctr::ncomp_t ncomp,
      const std::vector< kw::sde_b::info::expect::type >& b_,
      const std::vector< kw::sde_S::info::expect::type >& S_,
      const std::vector< kw::sde_kappa::info::expect::type >& k_,
      const std::vector< kw::sde_rho2::info::expect::type >& rho2_,
      const std::vector< kw::sde_r::info::expect::type >& r_,
      std::vector< kw::sde_b::info::expect::type  >& b,
      std::vector< kw::sde_S::info::expect::type >& S,
      std::vector< kw::sde_kappa::info::expect::type >& k,
      std::vector< kw::sde_rho2::info::expect::type >& rho2_,
      std::vector< kw::sde_r::info::expect::type >& r_ );


    • ncomp denotes the number of scalar components of the system of mass-fraction beta SDEs.
    • Constant references to b_, S_, k_, rho2_, and r_, which denote five vectors of real values used to initialize the parameter vectors of the system of mass-fraction beta SDEs. The length of the vectors must be equal to the number of components given by ncomp.
    • References to b, S, k, rho2_, and r, which denote the parameter vectors to be initialized based on b_, S_, k_, rho2_, and r_.
  • Must define the static function type(), returning the enum value of the policy option. Example:

    static ctr::CoeffPolicyType type() noexcept {
      return ctr::CoeffPolicyType::CONST_COEFF;

    which returns the enum value of the option from the underlying option class, collecting all possible options for coefficients policies.


namespace walker
Walker declarations and definitions.


class walker::MassFractionBetaCoeffConst
Mass-fraction beta SDE constant coefficients policity: constants in time.