src/Inciter/MatCG.h file

MatCG for a PDE system with continuous Galerkin with a matrix.


MatCG advances a system of partial differential equations (PDEs) using continuous Galerkin (CG) finite element (FE) spatial discretization (using linear shapefunctions on tetrahedron elements) combined with a time stepping scheme that is equivalent to the Lax-Wendroff (LW) scheme within the unstructured-mesh FE context and treats discontinuities with flux-corrected transport (FCT). The left-hand side (consistent-mass) matrix is stored in a compressed sparse row (CSR) storage and thus this scheme uses a matrix-based linear solver.

There are a potentially large number of MatCG Charm++ chares created by Transporter. Each MatCG gets a chunk of the full load (part of the mesh) and does the same: initializes and advances a number of PDE systems in time.


namespace inciter
Inciter declarations and definitions.


class inciter::MatCG
MatCG Charm++ chare array used to advance PDEs in time with MatCG+LW+FCT.