src/DiffEq/Position/PositionCoeffPolicy.hpp file

Particle position equation coefficients policies.


This file defines coefficients policy classes for the Lagrangian particle position equation defined in DiffEq/Position.h.

General requirements on position equation coefficients policy classes:

  • Must define a constructor, which is used to initialize the SDE coefficients. Required signature: CoeffPolicyName( std::array< tk::real, 9 >& dU ); where dU is an optionally prescribed mean velocity gradient.
  • Must define the static function type(), returning the enum value of the policy option. Example:

    static ctr::CoeffPolicyType type() noexcept {
      return ctr::CoeffPolicyType::INSTANTANEOUS_VELOCITY;

    which returns the enum value of the option from the underlying option class, collecting all possible options for coefficients policies.


namespace walker
Walker declarations and definitions.


class walker::PositionInstVel
Position equation coefficients policy given by the instantaneous velocity.
class walker::PositionConstShear
Position equation coefficients policy using a prescribed constant mean velocity gradient for homogeneous shear flow.