src/Control/RNGTest/InputDeck/Grammar.hpp file

Random number generator test suite grammar definition.


Random number generator test suite input deck grammar definition. We use the Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library (PEGTL) to create the grammar and the associated parser. Word of advice: read from the bottom up.


namespace rngtest
RNGTest declarations and definitions.
namespace rngtest::deck
RNGTest input deck facilitating user input for testing RNGs.
namespace tk
Toolkit declarations and definitions for general purpose utilities.
namespace tk::grm
Toolkit general purpose grammar definition.


template<class Option, typename... tags>
struct tk::grm::store_rngtest_option
Rule used to trigger action.
template<class Option, typename... tags>
struct tk::grm::action<store_rngtest_option<Option, tags...>>
Put option in state at position given by tags.
struct rngtest::deck::rngs
Match the inside of rngs ... end block.
struct rngtest::deck::battery
Match all batteries.
struct rngtest::deck::keywords
All keywords.
struct rngtest::deck::read_file
Grammar entry point: parse keywords and ignores until eof.