inciter::MultiMatProblemUserDefined class

MultiMat system of PDEs problem: user defined.


Public static functions

static auto initialize(ncomp_t, ncomp_t, tk::real, tk::real, tk::real, tk::real) -> tk::InitializeFn::result_type
Initialize numerical solution.
static auto analyticSolution(ncomp_t system, ncomp_t ncomp, tk::real x, tk::real y, tk::real z, tk::real t) -> std::vector<tk::real>
Evaluate analytical solution at (x,y,z,t) for all components.
static auto src(ncomp_t, ncomp_t ncomp, tk::real, tk::real, tk::real, tk::real) -> tk::MultiMatSrcFn::result_type
static auto names(ncomp_t) -> std::vector<std::string>

Function documentation

static tk::MultiMatSrcFn::result_type inciter::MultiMatProblemUserDefined::src(ncomp_t, ncomp_t ncomp, tk::real, tk::real, tk::real, tk::real)

Compute and return source term for Rayleigh-Taylor manufactured solution No-op for user-deefined problems.

static std::vector<std::string> inciter::MultiMatProblemUserDefined::names(ncomp_t)

Returns Vector of strings labelling integral variables output

Return names of integral variables to be output to diagnostics file