inciter::ctr::Scheme class

Scheme options: outsource to base templated on enum type.

Base classes

template<typename Enum>
class tk::Toggle
Toggle is the base for an Option, doing generic searches.

Public types

using keywords = brigand::list<kw::diagcg, kw::alecg, kw::dg, kw::p0p1, kw::dgp1, kw::dgp2, kw::pdg>
Valid expected choices to make them also available at compile-time.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Scheme() explicit
Options constructor.

Public functions

auto centering(SchemeType type) -> tk::Centering

Function documentation

inciter::ctr::Scheme::Scheme() explicit

Options constructor.

Simply initialize in-line and pass associations to base, which will handle client interactions

tk::Centering inciter::ctr::Scheme::centering(SchemeType type)

type in Scheme type
Returns Mesh centering for scheme type

Return scheme centering for SchemeType