tk::LBSwitch class

Load balancer switch Charm++ chare group class Instantiations of LBSwitch comprise a processor aware Charm++ chare group. When instantiated, a new object is created on each PE and not more (as opposed to individual chares or chare array object elements). See also the Charm++ interface file

Public static functions

static void off()
Turn off automatic load balancing.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

LBSwitch() explicit
Constructor: turn on automatic load balancing.
LBSwitch(CkMigrateMessage* m) explicit
Migrate constructor.

Function documentation

static void tk::LBSwitch::off()

Turn off automatic load balancing.

Since this is a [procinit] routine, the runtime system executes the routine exactly once on every PE early on in the Charm++ init sequence. Must be static as it is called without an object. See also: Section "Initializations at Program Startup" at in the Charm++ manual