src/Base/ directory

Basic, general, generic utilities, reused across all executables.


This directory contains basic, usually small, utility-like functionality. The classes and functions defined here are general purpose, usually generic, and therefore can and are heavily reused across all executables built by Quinoa.


file Callback.hpp
Tagged tuple types used for passing Charm++ callbacks.
file CartesianProduct.hpp
Cartesian product using brigand.
file ChareState.hpp
Charm++ chare state collector group.
file ChareStateCollector.cpp
Charm++ chare state collector group.
file ChareStateCollector.hpp
Charm++ chare state collector group.
file ContainerUtil.hpp
Various STL container utilities.
file Data.hpp
Generic data storage with different memory layouts.
file Escaper.hpp
String escaper pulled over from PEGTL v0.32.
file Exception.cpp
Exception class definition.
file Exception.hpp
Exception class declaration.
file ExceptionMPI.hpp
Exception macros interoperating with MPI.
file Factory.hpp
Factory utilities.
file Fields.hpp
Fields used to store data associated to mesh entities.
file Flip_map.hpp
Flip a std::map yielding a multimap sorted by std::map::value_type.
file Has.hpp
"Has-a" utilities for detecting class internals
file HashMapReducer.hpp
Custom Charm++ reducer for merging std::unordered_maps across PEs.
file If.hpp
Compile-time type selection.
file LoadDistributor.cpp
Load distributors.
file LoadDistributor.hpp
Load distributors and partitioning data types.
file Macro.hpp
Macro definitions.
file Particles.hpp
Particles used to store particle data.
file Print.hpp
General purpose pretty printer functionality.
file PrintUtil.cpp
String conversion utilities.
file PrintUtil.hpp
String conversion utilities.
file ProcessException.cpp
Process an exception.
file ProcessException.hpp
Process an exception definition.
file Progress.hpp
Simple progress indicator.
file PUPUtil.hpp
Charm++ Pack/UnPack utilities.
file QEndian.hpp
Swap endianness.
file Reader.cpp
Reader class definition.
file Reader.hpp
Reader base class declaration.
file Table.hpp
Basic functionality for storing and sampling a discrete (y1,y2,...,yN) = f(x) function.
file TaggedTuple.hpp
Tagged tuple allowing tag-based access.
file TaggedTupleDeepPrint.hpp
Structured TaggedTuple printer with depth/indentation.
file TaggedTuplePrint.hpp
Simple (unformatted, one-line) TaggedTuple printer.
file TeeBuf.hpp
Tee stream buffer.
file Timer.cpp
Timer definition.
file Timer.hpp
Timer declaration.
file Types.hpp
Toolkit-level type definitions.
file Vector.hpp
Vector algebra.
file Writer.cpp
Writer base class definition.
file Writer.hpp
Writer base class declaration.