src/PDE/MultiMat/ directory

Partial differential equations for compressible multi-material flow.


This directory contains code for discretizing a system of conservation equations that govern compressible multi-material flow. The subdirectories Physics and Problem contain various ways to configure the compressible multi-material flow solver with respect to the type of physics solved (e.g., inviscid or viscous) and with respect to the type of problem solved (e.g., a predefined problem with an analytical solution for verification or a user-defined problem).


directory Physics/
Physics configurations for compressible multi-material flow.
directory Problem/
Problem configurations for compressible multi-material flow.


file DGMultiMat.hpp
Compressible multi-material flow using discontinuous Galerkin finite elements.
file FVMultiMat.hpp
Compressible multi-material flow using finite volumes.
file MultiMatIndexing.hpp
Multi-material system indexing functions.
file Problem.hpp
All problem configurations for the compressible flow equations.
file RiemannChoice.hpp
Register available Riemann solvers for multimaterial compressible hydrodynamics.