src/DiffEq/ directory

Stochastic and deterministic (ordinary) differential equations.


This directory contains implementations of discrete time integrators for deterministic and stochastic ordinary differential equations. (Ordinary as opposed to partial differential equations in src/PDE). At this time, all of these ordinary differential equations are used exclusively by Walker.

Configure<eq>.[Ch] contain functionality related to registration and querying user-configuration information on specific equation types.

All specific equation types "inherit" from the common "base", tk::DiffEq, so that user-configured instances of multiple specific equations (as a potentially coupled system) can be integrated in a generic fashion. This is done using concept-based runtime polymorphism.

The specific equation types are registered into a factory, walker::DiffEqFactory, which leads to generic code for configuring and using existing equation types and adding new ones.


file CoupledEq.hpp
Functionality for querying information on coupled equations.
file DiffEq.hpp
Differential equation.
file DiffEqFactory.hpp
Differential equations factory.
file DiffEqStack.cpp
Stack of differential equations.
file DiffEqStack.hpp
Stack of differential equations.
file HydroProductions.hpp
Hydrodynamics (turbulent kinetic energy) production divided by the dissipation rate from DNS for the homogeneous Rayleigh-Taylor instability.
file HydroTimeScales.hpp
Inverse hydrodynamics time scales from DNS for the homogeneous Rayleigh-Taylor instability.
file InitPolicy.hpp
Initialization policies.