src/PDE/CompFlow/ directory

Partial differential equations for compressible flow.


This directory contains code for discretizing a system of conservation equations that govern compressible flow. The subdirectories Physics and Problem contain various ways configure the compressible flow solver with respect to the type of physics solved (e.g., inviscid or viscous) and with respect to the type of problem solved (e.g., a predefined problem with an analytical solution for verification or a user-defined problem).


directory Physics/
Physics configurations for compressible flow.
directory Problem/
Problem configurations for compressible flow.


file CGCompFlow.hpp
Compressible single-material flow using continuous Galerkin.
file DGCompFlow.hpp
Compressible single-material flow using discontinuous Galerkin finite elements.
file Problem.hpp
All problem configurations for the compressible flow equations.