How to add a new PDE type to Inciter » PDE/MultiMat/Physics/DG.hpp

// *****************************************************************************
  \file      src/PDE/MultiMat/Physics/DG.hpp
  \copyright 2012-2015 J. Bakosi,
             2016-2018 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.,
             2019 Triad National Security, LLC.
             All rights reserved. See the LICENSE file for details.
  \brief     Physics configurations for multi-material compressible flow using
    discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods
  \details   This file configures all Physics policy classes for multi-material
    compressible flow implementied using discontinuous Galerkin finite element
    discretizations, defined in PDE/MultiMat/DGMultiMat.h.

    General requirements on MultiMat Physics policy classes:

    - Must define the static function _type()_, returning the enum value of the
      policy option. Example:
        static ctr::PhysicsType type() noexcept {
          return ctr::PhysicsType::VELEQ;
      which returns the enum value of the option from the underlying option
      class, collecting all possible options for Physics policies.
// *****************************************************************************
#ifndef MultiMatPhysicsDG_h
#define MultiMatPhysicsDG_h

#include <brigand/sequences/list.hpp>

#include "DGVelEq.hpp"

namespace inciter {
namespace dg {

//! MultiMat Physics policies implemented using discontinuous Galerkin
using MultiMatPhysics = brigand::list< MultiMatPhysicsVelEq >;

} // dg::
} // inciter::

#endif // MultiMatPhysicsDG_h