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// *****************************************************************************
  \file      src/Inciter/
  \copyright 2012-2015 J. Bakosi,
             2016-2018 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.,
             2019 Triad National Security, LLC.
             All rights reserved. See the LICENSE file for details.
  \brief     Charm++ module interface for continuous Galerkin + ALE + RK
  \details   Charm++ module interface file for the continuous Galerkin (CG)
             finite element scheme in the arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE)
             reference frame + Runge-Kutta (RK) time stepping.
  \see       ALECG.h and ALECG.C for more info.
// *****************************************************************************

module alecg {

  //! [External modules and includes]
  extern module transporter;
  extern module discretization;

  include "UnsMesh.hpp";
  include "PUPUtil.hpp";
  //! [External modules and includes]

  namespace inciter {

    //! [1D Charm++ chare array]
    array [1D] ALECG {
    //! [1D Charm++ chare array]
      //! [Entry methods]
      entry ALECG( const CProxy_Discretization& disc,
                   const std::map< int, std::vector< std::size_t > >& /* bface */,
                   const std::map< int, std::vector< std::size_t > >& bnode,
                   const std::vector< std::size_t >& /* triinpoel */ );
      initnode void registerReducers();
      entry void setup();
      entry void resizeComm();
      entry void init();
      entry void refine();
      entry [reductiontarget] void advance( tk::real newdt );
      entry void comlhs( const std::vector< std::size_t >& gid,
                         const std::vector< std::vector< tk::real > >& L );
      entry void comrhs( const std::vector< std::size_t >& gid,
                         const std::vector< std::vector< tk::real > >& R );
      entry void resized();
      entry void lhs();
      entry void step();
      entry void next();
      entry void evalLB();
      //! [Entry methods]

      // SDAG code follows. See
      // charm++/manual.html, Sec. "Structured Control Flow: Structured Dagger".

      //! [DAG]
      entry void wait4lhs() {
        when ownlhs_complete(), comlhs_complete() serial "lhs" { lhsmerge(); } }

      entry void wait4rhs() {
        when ownrhs_complete(), comrhs_complete() serial "rhs" { solve(); } }

      entry void wait4out() {
        when lhs_complete(), resize_complete() serial "out" { out(); } }

      entry void ownlhs_complete();
      entry void ownrhs_complete();
      entry void comlhs_complete();
      entry void comrhs_complete();
      entry void lhs_complete();
      entry void resize_complete();
      //! [DAG]

  } // inciter::