How to generate logos

  • The Quinoa ASCII art logo, displayed here, has been generated at, based on the Xfig image, doc/images/quinoa.fig displayed on the main page.
  • The ASCII art logos of the executable names, e.g., on Inciter's page, have been generated at using the default settings:
    • Font : Graffiti
    • Character width: default
    • Character height: default
  • The ASCII art logos in SVG format (to display them on HTML pages as above) have been generated by LaTeX, using doc/txt2pdf, yielding a PDF which then was converted to SVG using pdf2svg as

    cd doc/txt2pdf/
    make pdf
    pdf2svg txt2pdf.pdf <executable>.svg
  • Quinoa hex color codes:
    • blue: 1d3564
    • dark orange: c96a00
    • light orange: e6851c