inciter::cmd namespace

Inciter command line grammar definition.



struct verbose
Match and set verbose switch (i.e., verbose or quiet output)
struct charestate
Match and set chare state switch.
struct nonblocking
Match and set non-blocking (migration) switch.
struct benchmark
Match and set benchmark switch (i.e., benchmark mode)
struct feedback
Match and set feedback switch (i.e., feedback mode)
struct virtualization
Match and set virtualization parameter.
template<typename keyword, typename io_tag>
struct io
Match and set io parameter.
struct help
Match help on command-line parameters.
struct helpctr
Match help on control file keywords.
struct helpkw
Match help on a command-line or control file keyword.
struct quiescence
Match on quiescence switch.
struct lbfreq
Match and set load-balancing frequency.
struct rsfreq
Match and set checkpoint/restartfrequency.
struct trace
Match switch on trace output.
struct version
Match switch on version output.
struct license
Match switch on license output.
struct keywords
Match all command line keywords.
struct read_string
Grammar entry point: parse keywords until end of string.


template<typename keyword>
using use = tk::grm::use<keyword, ctr::CmdLine::keywords::set>
Specialization of tk::grm::use for Inciter's command line parser.