rngtest::ctr namespace

RNGTest control facilitating user input to internal data transfer.



class Battery
Battery options: outsource searches to base templated on enum type.
class CmdLine
CmdLine : Control< specialized to RNGTest >, see Types.h,.
class InputDeck
InputDeck : Control< specialized to RNGTest >, see Types.h.


enum class BatteryType: uint8_t { NO_BATTERY =0, SMALLCRUSH, CRUSH, BIGCRUSH }
Random number generator battery types.


using selects = tk::tuple::tagged_tuple<tag::battery, BatteryType, tag::rng, std::vector<RNGType>>
Storage of selected options.
using ios = tk::tuple::tagged_tuple<tag::control, std::string>
IO parameters storage.
using parameters = tk::tuple::tagged_tuple<tag::rngmkl, tk::ctr::RNGMKLParameters, tag::rngsse, tk::ctr::RNGSSEParameters, tag::rng123, tk::ctr::RNGRandom123Parameters>
Parameters storage.
using Location = pegtl::position
PEGTL location/position type to use throughout all of RNGTest's parsers.


void operator|(PUP::er& p, BatteryType& e)
Pack/Unpack BatteryType: forward overload to generic enum class packer.