template<template<class, class> class Eq>
inciter::registerDG struct

Wrapper of registerPDE specialized for registering DG PDEs The sole reason for this functor is to simplify client-code calling registerPDE specialized to DG PDEs

Base classes

template<template<class, class> class Eq, class Factory, class PDE>
struct registerPDE
Function object for registering a partial differential equation into the partial differential equation factory.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

registerDG(DGFactory& f, std::set<ctr::PDEType>& eqtypes, ctr::PDEType t) explicit

Function documentation

template<template<class, class> class Eq>
inciter::registerDG<Eq>::registerDG(DGFactory& f, std::set<ctr::PDEType>& eqtypes, ctr::PDEType t) explicit

in Factory to register to
eqtypes in Counters for equation types in factory
in Enum selecting PDE type, Control/Inciter/Options/PDE.h

Delegate constructor to base and specialize to CG