tk::grm::action<configure_scheme> struct

Configure scheme selected by user

This grammar action configures the number of degrees of freedom (NDOF) used for DG methods. For finite volume (or DGP0), the DOF are the cell-averages. This implies ndof=1 for DGP0. Similarly, ndof=4 and 10 for DGP1 and DGP2 respectively, since they evolve higher (>1) order solution information (e.g. gradients) as well. "rdof" includes degrees of freedom that are both, evolved and reconstructed. For rDGPnPm methods (e.g. P0P1 and P1P2), "n" denotes the evolved solution-order and "m" denotes the reconstructed solution-order; i.e. P0P1 has ndof=1 and rdof=4, whereas P1P2 has ndof=4 and rdof=10. For a pure DG method without reconstruction (DGP0, DGP1, DGP2), rdof=ndof. For more information about rDGPnPm methods, ref. Luo, H. et al. (2013). A reconstructed discontinuous Galerkin method based on a hierarchical WENO reconstruction for compressible flows on tetrahedral grids. Journal of Computational Physics, 236, 477-492.