template<typename sel, typename vec, typename Tag, typename... Tags>
tk::grm::action<insert_seed<sel, vec, Tag, Tags...>> struct

Convert and insert value to map at position given by tags.

This struct and its apply function are used as a functor-like wrapper for inserting a value into a std::map behind a key in the underlying grammar stack via the member function tk::Control::insert. We detect a recently inserted key from the companion tuple field, "selected vector", given by types, sel and vec, and use that key to insert an associated value in a std::map addressed by tag and tags..., requiring at least one tag to address the map. As an example, this is used in parsing parameters associated to a particular random number generator, such as seed. Example input file: "mkl_mcg59 seed 2134 uniform_method accurate end". The selected vector here is the std::vector< tk::ctr::RNGType > under tag::sel.