template<template<class> class use, typename keyword, class option, template<class, class...> class store, template<class, class...> class start, template<class, class> class check, typename eq, typename param>
tk::grm::option_vector struct

Match equation/model option vector

This structure is used to match a keyword ... end block that contains a list (i.e., a vector) of numbers. The keyword that starts the block is passed in via the 'keyword' template argument. The 'store' argument abstracts away a "functor" used to store the parsed values (e.g. a push_back operaton on a std::vector. The 'start' argument abstracts away the starter functor used to start the inserting operation before parsing a value (usually a push_back on a vector using the default value constructor). The 'check' argument abstracts away a functor used to do error checking on the value parsed. Arguments 'eq' and 'param' denote two levels of the hierarchy relative to tag::param, at which the parameter vector lives. Example client-code: see walker::deck::sde_option_vector.